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Borneo 2019

Borneo, the very name has an air of exoticism, a sense of the wild and unexplored. When I was a kid and looking even more unkempt than usual my Dad used to describe me as looking like “the wild man of Borneo” and it is a place of wild, remote valleys, unique wildlife and, sadly,

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Borneo with Camps International and King’s Al Barsha school

10-17.2.16 Exploring with; Abel, Aizere, Ben, Gareth, Sam, Jack A, Jack T, Jed, Jess, Josh, Deej, Kyle, Louis, Matt, Mikail, Nina, Rhali, Sara, Yassie, Zayne, Sam B and Siyavash Many years ago I booked a romantic trip to the exotic sounding island of Borneo only for my relationship to break up a week or two

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