Results of Poll Number 3

Poll number 3 dealt with the important issue of sandwich fillings and the results prove what a diverse lot members of the Facebook group are. Cheese in its many varied and wondrous forms scored highly, we had some transatlantic input from Allen and Alex feeling perplexed by the question as she doesn’t eat bread….Rob had an answer though, Eccles cakes, which, whilst not quite a sandwich,might have been my favourite answer after all!
1. Turkey,Stilton and Mayo on granary-5 votes
2. Corned Beef and Branston Pickle-3 votes
3. Chicken, Black Pepper and Mayo-2 votes
and the rest with one vote a piece
Cheese and pickle, Peanut Butter and jam on a bagel, Cheese and cucumber, Hummus,olives,sundried tomatoes and rocket in a wrap, Cheddar, spring onion and mayo on a baguette, Stilton, smoked salmon and celery and finally Brie, cranberry, grape and bacon!

Hopefully inspiration for sustenance on your next expedition. Happy eating!!