Standon Bowers Outdoor Centre with Entrust



Another piece of work with Entrust and I was lucky enough to spend it at the Standon Bowers Outdoor Centre in the heart of the beautiful Staffordshire countryside. The centre is located in what was once a Victorian home for “n’er do wells” and delinquents, but the children attending nowadays seem to be a little better behaved!!

We had a brilliant week and most of it was in the glorious sunshine too! We built and tested rafts (with various levels of success), went caving, challenged ourselves on the High ropes course and built shelters and fires in the woods. There were plenty of Rabbits in the grounds and House Martins nesting in the eves of the roof. It’s a great centre with very dedicated and talented staff and I have very much enjoyed the time I have spent working with Entrust this year.