D of E practice with KEGCB and BXM Expeditions

Full album on Facebook23/24.4.16
Walking with; Jess, Jessica, Grace, Alex, Maya and Katy



The Dark Peak is a great spot for D of E. It provides a variety of landscapes, a selection of wild land, footpaths, ridges and valleys and there are many decent campsites and interesting features. KEGCB were starting their practice expedition at Edale station. starting point of so many of my walks over the years. Day one on these expeditions involves reminders of what the group were taught during their classroom session regarding things like navigation, kit, packing and campcraft. After a kit briefing we set off into Edale village before striking out along the valley floor through fields of lambs and under bright blue skies. Group members took it in turns to lead legs of navigation and they led us as far as the YHA and from there we contoured round to Jagger’s Clough and then climbed up towards the Hope Cross. En route we discussed the importance of nutrition and hydration and also talked about layering and windchill. We followed the route of the old Roman road down to Hope and then crossed the site of an old Roman fort on our way to the quaint village of Brough. As it was still early we then worked on some micro-nav following a selection of footpaths across fields until we reached Bradwell and our campsite for the night at Eden Tree. In camp we discussed camp rules and put up tents and practiced safe use of our stoves. We all fell asleep to the sound of rain on our tents!
Day two gave the students the chance to use the skills they had practiced on the Saturday independently as they undertook the route to Ringinglow without close supervision. Using check points along the way I ensured that the girls were on track as they made their way along the Derwent valley before climbing up towards the ancient fort at Carl Wark and then eventually onto the Houndkirk Road and onto their final destination. The group made really good progress and arrived on schedule with no major crises or navigation problems. This practice has stood them in good stead for their assessed expedition in a couple of weeks and I am confident that they won’t have any problems in achieving this section of their award. A great weekend all in all!