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El Chalten Day Walks

El Chalten styles itself as the walking capital of Argentina, a title that was just too enticing to resist, so after our epic Torres del Paine trek we headed to this beautiful, mountain ringed town via the very efficient cross-border coach. The town has something of a Wild West feel to it with only the

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Borneo 2019

Borneo, the very name has an air of exoticism, a sense of the wild and unexplored. When I was a kid and looking even more unkempt than usual my Dad used to describe me as looking like “the wild man of Borneo” and it is a place of wild, remote valleys, unique wildlife and, sadly,

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Snowshoeing at La Rosiere

27/02/13Walking with; Dominique and Marie I have the battle scarred knees of a 25 year veteran of rugby fields around the world from Pennsylvania to Didsbury, knees that the medical profession have mapped out better than vasts tracts of sub-Saharan Africa, knees that cannot manage six solid days of skiing…so from time to time, an

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So it has come to the time of year when instead of pulling on a pair of boots and stomping up a big hill, I strap a pair of planks on my feet and hurtle (in varying degrees of control) down even bigger mountains! La Rosiere this year on The France/Italy border! See you in

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Up or Down?

Instead of spending a week walking up mountains I shall be strapping a couple of planks to my feet and sliding down them, mostly in some kind of control! Have a good week!

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