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Walking the Sandakan Death March Trail and Gunung Trusmadi

TT Invictus Games Foundation Tham’s company in Borneo The Sandakan Death Marches took place during the last months of World War Two on the island of Borneo where over two and a half thousand Australian and British Prisoners of War were being held by the Japanese. The men had been moved to the island (where

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Trekking in the Sahara

TT website Oracle’s website There can’t be many place names more evocative of wilderness than the Sahara. As a kid looking at the pages of my parents atlases the name evoked images of camel trains, French foreign legion forts and Tuareg warriors swathed in yards of cloth. These were the images in my mind as

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2023- A year in review

Well, here we are at the end of another year and what a cracker it’s been here at Come walk with me UK. We have spent 2023 exploring walks across the world, leading D of E groups, trekking the long distance trails of Scotland and adventuring in new destinations. We couldn’t have done it without

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#MarchforDoddie. Trekking the High Atlas

Doddie Weir was a legend as a rugby player, a towering presence in the Scottish second row he was once described by the legendary commentator Bill McLaren as being “On the charge like a mad giraffe”….he was also widely regarded as one of the most likeable men in rugby and so when, after his playing

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Mount Elgon with Tribal Tracks and 40tude

Sometimes I feel incredibly lucky to do the job I do, not just because I get to visit some fantastic places but because I get involved with some amazing and inspiring people. 40tude are a charity working towards finding a cure for colon cancer and it was my pleasure to lead a group of fundraisers

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Mount Elgon via the Sipi Falls Trail

In addition to having the right set of skills and an always sunny disposition there are moments of serendipity in freelance life that can end up leading in completely unexpected directions. I was perusing the Freelance Outdoor Instructors Facebook page one day when I saw a request for information from anyone who had climbed Elgon,

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