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Mount Elgon with Tribal Tracks and 40tude

Sometimes I feel incredibly lucky to do the job I do, not just because I get to visit some fantastic places but because I get involved with some amazing and inspiring people. 40tude are a charity working towards finding a cure for colon cancer and it was my pleasure to lead a group of fundraisers

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Mount Elgon via the Sipi Falls Trail

In addition to having the right set of skills and an always sunny disposition there are moments of serendipity in freelance life that can end up leading in completely unexpected directions. I was perusing the Freelance Outdoor Instructors Facebook page one day when I saw a request for information from anyone who had climbed Elgon,

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25.-29.7.15 Walking with; Kennet School Team 2 Full album from the trek Mount Elgon National Park lies on the Kenya/Uganda border and is named for the extinct volcano that dominates the park itself. The caldera caused by the collapse of the volcanic cone is reckoned to be the world’s largest and creates an impressive feature

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