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Pendle Hill from Downham

21.05.12Walking with; Nobody Pendle, old Pendle, thou standest alone.Twixt Burnley and Clitheroe, Whalley and Colne,Where Hodder and Ribble’s fair waters do meetWith Barley and Downham content at thy feet Pendle Hill truly does stand alone, an imposing monolith towering over the impossibly picturesque village of Downham. For all the associations with witches and the supernatural

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Malham Tarn

7.5.12Walking with; Ruthy Malham is a tiny hamlet at the Southern end of the Yorkshire Dales, but it has a big reputation and attracts a lot of visitors. There  has been a settlement on the site for over one thousand years and it is named in the Domesday Book as Malgun. It’s main claim to

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Hayfield-Edale Cross-Kinder-The Snake Path

Walking with; Nobody29.2.12 Hayfield is a picturesque Peak District villagewhich styles itself as the “Gateway to Kinder” although I suspectEdale may have something to say about that! It was from Hayfield (BowdenBridge) that the Manchester contingent of the mass trespassers led by BennyRothwell set off towards Kinder on the “Right to Roam” protest, the80th anniversary

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