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Our favourite mountains-Chapter two-Kinder Scout

Okay, so first things first, it’s probably not really a mountain, but it is certainly a significant piece of British upland and it’s not just one of our favourite mountains but one of our favourite places in the whole world! A bold statement to be sure, but it’s not only a magnificently wild landscape in

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The Todmorden Centenary Way

28.9.12Walking with; Nobody The good folk of Yorkshire must have done something to upset the almighty given the almost Biblical deluge that they’d been on the end of over the last week, none-the-less that was where I headed last week with the express intention of getting a few miles in my legs. I stayed in

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The Cloud and the Dane Valley

19.04.12 Walking with; Nobody The pastoral heartlands of Cheshire have not been very productive walking territory lately, after the electric fences and Somme like mud of Alderley Edge, I pitched up in the hamlet of Timbersbrook only to find my proposed route closed due to dangerous trees and no alternative offered. None the less after

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