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Last walk of 2013

30/12/13Walking with; Ruthy Ever since I abandoned my South coast roots and left the chalk cliffs and churning muddy waters of the English Channel for the rain, peat bogs and dark Satanic mills of the North West, Kinder has been my “go to” hill. It can be approached by such a variety of routes that

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Come walk with me UK’s 100th post!

Wow! 100 posts, who’d have thought I would have got this far 🙂 Having reached this landmark I thought it might be appropriate to look back on the blog thus far and pick out a few highlights!  Pool between Moel Hebog and Moel Yr Ogof- July 2013 Sprinkling Tarn- August 2013 Langdale Pikes- June 2013

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Rushup Edge to Hayfield

3.2.13Walking with; Ruth, Emily and Roz Some of the more observant amongst you may have noticed that whilst the blog is called Come walk with me, for many of my wanderings, I tend to wander alone! This is partially as a result of me generally walking during the week when other people are working and

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A split shift stroll to South Head

3.5.12 Walking with; Nobody Split shifts are not my favourite thing, but the advantage of working in Castleton is that given a spare five hours between cleaning dormitories and cooking dinners there is some magnificent landscape out on my door step. Last week from Lantern Pike I’d had fantastic views across towards Kinder and South

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