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Kit Review- Fjern Vandring Hoodie

Manafacturer’s page Well, it’s time for one more kit review from my stash of Fjern kit. It looks, from the weather forecast that the Orkan is going to get a thorough workout on Snowdon tomorrow, but this is a review from the Scottish National Trail last week where my new Vandring Hoodie got plenty of

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Kit Review Fjern Orkan Waterproof Jacket

So, the good people at Fjern were very happy that I was so impressed with their new down jacket and very kindly asked if I would like to try out a couple of other bits of kit. It presented me with an interesting dilemma….as an impecunious Mountain Leader it would seem foolish to say no

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Fjern Arktis II Down Jacket Review

Manafacturer’s page It’s reached the stage where I am heading rapidly into that zone where all my favourite bits of kit are starting to come to the end of their useful working life at the same time. Over the next few months this gives me plenty of opportunity to talk about the types of kit

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