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D of E with Manchester High School for Girls

19/20.9.14 Walking with; Manchester High School for Girls The Duke of Edinburgh award has been inspiring, upskilling and motivating young people since 1956 but until this weekend I’d had no direct personal involvement. I’d answered a cry for help from the good folk at Mountain Monkeys who had had an instructor drop out at the

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Two Oxfordshire walks

16/17.9.14 Walking with; Nobody Oxfordshire is not known for it’s hills. White Horse Hill, the highest point in the county comes in at 261 metres, not even as high as The Shard, and yet for all that there is some very pleasant walking to be had. In a week when national identity is high on

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A short walk around La Botte, Duras

3.9.14 There can be few more pleasurable experiences than wandering through the French countryside with little or no agenda, the sun on your neck and endless vistas of vines and sunflower fields. Hard as it was to drag myself away from the pool and a chilled glass of wine, one of the reasons I was

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My latest newspaper column

Distance; 8.5 miles Time 4.5 hours The village of Tideswell may not have the twee prettiness of some of it’s more visited counterparts but it is a fantastic base for exploring the Peak District and with it’s famous bakery, a couple of fish and chip shops, tearooms, pubs and a greengrocer it provides all the

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This week’s newspaper column

This week’s column sees us enjoying the Summer heather on Will Hill in the heart of the Peak District.   Much of the best walking in the Peak District begins in the Hope valley, and the ascent of the delightfully named Win Hill is one of the best ways of attaining a bird’s eye view

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Walking the Kinder edges

12.8.14 Walking with; Nathan   I am going to go out on a limb and say it “Kinder is the best walking in the Peak District”, and walking the Kinder edges is probably the best walking on the plateau. The middle is a maze of groughs, peat hags, bogs and runnels, but the edge has

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Ramble on by Sinclair McKay

There are a plethora of books out there that explore our love affair with walking or rambling and all the attendant issues and eccentricities that are often associated with it, few, however balance humour and information as well as this one by Sinclair McKay. It is the perfect book for the bedside table, each chapter

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